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OceanLive’s overall costs are made up of the following items:

Actions taken to clean up
In order to clean up oceans, beaches, and waterways without harming nature, it is still best to collect plastic by hand. Many people are involved in it, and it takes a great deal of dedication. As well as trained group leaders from OceanLIve, they require safe equipment, necessary utensils, food, and water for their expeditions. After being collected, plastic must be transported to a reliable recycling facility.

Fundraising costs
These costs include the cost of digital platforms and their paid services, as well as the cost of employees and the activities needed to collect gifts from individuals and businesses.

Providing knowledge
OceanLive has to incur costs for exploring global waste management and recycling issues, maintain knowledge exchange with researchers and experts, as well as conducting programs to influence consumers’ attitudes and behaviors in a sustainable direction.

Administrative costs
These purposes are critical for ensuring control and governance and running the organization’s business efficiently. Costs associated with rent, administrative systems, and certain staff members. There are costs associated with digital platforms and their paid services, as well as employees and the management required to raise donations from individuals and businesses.

Research and development
To develop efficient methods for collecting plastic from our oceans, to sort and separate for efficient recycling, and to process and refine collected plastic that can add value to society, we work with scientists, engineers, innovators, and specialists in several problem areas.

Does it cost money to raise money?
It does, in fact. We strive to be as cost-effective as possible – our collection and administration costs are well below the limits prescribed by the Norwegian control authority, Insamlingskontrollen (IK). These costs are necessary for us to be able to achieve both immediate and long-term sustainable improvements for vulnerable places in the world. To continue collecting more plastic, we must raise more money. Our money is mainly used to pick plastic from our oceans and prevent it from getting there in the first place. Furthermore, we must spend money on marketing and spreading knowledge about plastics and recycling. Managing, planning, coordinating, developing, and administrating recycled plastic after collection incur costs as well. Simply put, these expenses ensure that your money reaches its intended recipients and makes a big difference.

We meet the requirements by a good margin
OceanLive is a member of the Norwegian control authority, Insamlingskontrollen (IK), which ensures the money raised goes to the stated purpose. Audit of Norwegian OceanLive’s board of directors’ activities Norwegian OceanLive’s operations and management are audited by an audit firm each year. A firm of accountants is elected by the annual general meeting to audit the next two calendar years. An authorized auditor must be appointed by the accounting firm. Chartered Accountant is not a member of OceanLive.


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