Marine Debris and Ocean Pollution in Hawaii – Plastics are Becoming a Big Problem

A global problem that is growing rapidly is plastic pollution. This is due to both an increase in industrialism. So as an increase in the number of plastics used to produce the things we use daily.

A significant number of these things are single-use items. Only used once and afterward threw in the garbage. In any case, what happens to this plastic once the garbage bin gets discharged? It does not just vanish through the air.

It usually ends up in the environment in some way or form, and most of it is eventually ending up in the ocean. Inside the plastic pollution circle, one of the most critical environmental difficulties we are confronted with today is marine plastic debris.

Marine debris originates from two common sources:

1. Land-based– includes litter from beach-goers, along with debris that has either blown into the sea or been washed in with stormwater overflow

2. Ocean-based– includes trash thrown at sea by boats and vessels, just as fishing debris like plastic strapping from bait boxes, removed fishing line or nets, and abandoned fishing gear.

While disposing of fishing gear affects the marine condition by entrapping marine life and crushing coral reefs, it includes an expected 20% of all marine debris. A stunning 80% of all marine debris originates from land-based sources.

This is no surprise, considering that around half of all plastics are used to make single-use items disposed of not long after they are first used.

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Marine Debris and Ocean Pollution in Hawaii


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