The greatest challenge of all time

The distance between dreams and reality is called action. To create sustainable change, we must focus on “one thing” and we must be really dedicated and dive deep into that thing – Plastic.

What will your answer be?

My love-hate relationship with ocean plastic develops every time I go on an expedition to collect it.
Due to the fact that I know…

My mental scanner is set on finding places to collect plastic
garbage. As soon as I see a pile of plastic waste floating around, I
feel overjoyed and warm inside. Oh yes, there it is! Meanwhile, that same meaningless plastic waste cuts into my heart and makes me feel ice cold. I become speechless as I distance myself from the situation and consider the problem from a broader perspective. It often makes me feel small, silly and selfish every time. I realize how detrimental this moment in time is to our planet.

If you divide the time of the earth’s existence on a clock by 24 hours, the time that humanity has existed would correspond to one tenth of a second. We have managed to totally destroy our earth in record time!

Honestly, it looks bad. Really bad! Since we humans are only capable of focusing on one big problem at a time. Wars, hurricanes and recessions have replaced Covid, but meanwhile ocean plastics have been ignored and grown at an exponential rate.

Sometimes I play with the idea that I am in my future self, like 20 years from now. I imagine my children looking at me with worried eyes and asking; “But tell us, you knew very well what was about to happen! What did you do about it?” I have 20 years to prepare for that question.

What are you going to answer?


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