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OceanLive fight for a better world for humans and wildlife by being dedicated to mastering one of the world’s most alarming issues – the plastic waste in our oceans.

OceanLive solves problems. Real problems. Plastic. We are specialized in the most tragic of them all. It has been ignored for almost a decade, and has grown into one of the most complex issues of our time – Ocean Plastics.

The art of solving problems relating to this dignity is a strategic one. Doing things as you have always done won’t solve it. The key is to think in new ways, work holistically, set strict demands and collaborate across borders, be prepared to be uncomfortable, and take on the jobs no one else will do, but above all, never ever give up
How bad is it?
Take a deep breath and see what’s under the surface. Millions of animals are killed by plastics every year, from birds to fish to other marine organisms. Nearly 700 species, including endangered ones, are known to have been affected by plastics. Nearly every species of seabird eats plastics, and so do you. You ingest about one credit card of micro plastic every week.
The 5 How to make a real difference
Together we form the most leading initiative to collect ocean plastic

All organisations fighting ocean plastic in the same determined way as OceanLive do, we consider as ally partners by us.
We gladly support, collaborate and share time, knowledge and resources as long as we strive to fulfil the same crucial goal. OceanLive works with partners across the globe to document, collect, recycle, and prevent plastic waste from entering our oceans. As a united force, we can reduce marine plastic pollution more effectively and sustainably.

Partners we are happy to work with
Shop responsibly and be powerful

Be good. Do good. Feel good. Show your love for nature and support the work for responsible production.
All of our products are made from certified organic fabrics in renewable-energy-powered factories. Together, we are creating a better world where people live in harmony with nature. Join us. Because together, anything is possible!100% of the store’s profits go to OceanLive’s rescue operations.

Great knowledge is never a waste

This fun and educational children’s book from OceanLive will learn how our actions affect the planet and how little things can have a big impact.

Touching stories like this reveal a lot about our societies and ourselves in a playful way, that will have an positive impact on tomorrow’s leaders. The book project is developed in partnership with the United Nations.

This is how your money is being used
The success of our efforts would not have been possible without the support of our fantastic members.

81% percent of your donation goes directly to OceanLives programs to reduce ocean plastics and increase public awareness of plastic consumption and recycling. Our accounts meet the European ethical charity audit strict requirements and guidelines.

Read more about how we use your money within the organization to reduce the amount of ocean plastic in the world and to support the UN’s Global Goal No. 14.1



The following items make up OceanLive’s overall costs

You should always know how charities like OceanLive spend the money, before donating, so you know where your funds are going. We cooperate with European ethical charity audit which ensures that  we are always transparent about the way we spend your money, so you can make informed decisions about supporting us.

81% percent of your donation goes directly to OceanLives programs to reduce ocean plastics and increase public awareness of plastic consumption and recycling. Our remaining 19% is spent on hiring talented people, building effective infrastructure, developing systems to handle plastic waste, and researching and developing sustainable methods to manage it.

Below is a more detailed description:


Cleanup efforts

Collecting plastic from seas, beaches, and waterways by hand is still the most effective way to clean up without harming nature. It requires a great deal of dedication from many people. They also need trained group leaders from OceanLive who plan and organize expeditions, provide safe equipment, necessary utensils, food, and water to the group. Plastic must then be transported to a reliable recycling facility after it is collected.

Fundraising costs

Costs of digital platforms and its paid services as well as employees and the activities needed to collect gifts from individuals and businesses.


Providing knowledge

Costs that OceanLive has to establish insight and knowledge of our global problem situation, around waste management and recycling, as well as conducting program activities for attitude and behavior change among consumers in Norway and abroad.



Administrative costs

In order to ensure control and governance and run the organization’s business efficiently, these purposes are fundamental. Costs associated with rent, administrative systems, and certain staff members. There are costs associated with digital platforms and their paid services, as well as employees and the management required to raise donations from individuals and businesses.



Research and development

To develop efficient methods for collecting plastic from our oceans, to sort and separate for efficient recycling, and to process and refine collected plastic that can add value to society, we work with scientists, engineers, innovators, and specialists in several problem areas.



Does it cost money to raise money?

It does, in fact. We strive to be as cost-effective as possible – our collection and administration costs are well below the limits prescribed by the the European control authority. These costs are necessary for us to be able to achieve both immediate and long-term sustainable improvements for vulnerable places in the world. To continue collecting more plastic, we must raise more money. The money is mainly used to take out plastic from our oceans and prevent it from getting there in the first place. Furthermore, we must spend money on marketing and spreading knowledge about plastics and recycling. Managing, planning, coordinating, developing, and administrating recycled plastic after collection incur costs as well. Simply put, these expenses ensure that your money reaches its intended recipients and makes a big difference.



We meet the requirements by a good margin

More than 80% of money raised go to the stated purpose. OceanLive achieves the goals by a good margin and  your donation goes directly to our programs.



Audit of Norwegian OceanLive’s board of directors’ activities

Norwegian OceanLive’s operations and management are audited by an audit firm each year. A firm of accountants is elected by the annual general meeting to audit the next two calendar years. An authorized auditor must be appointed by the accounting firm. Chartered Accountant is not a member of OceanLive.

OceanLive Plastic Know-How
We achieve results by aligning the power of experts, innovators and of persuasive volunteers.

Together we form a global team of world improvers who make a significant difference. We are grateful for your support and look forward to a better tomorrow


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